Old Vines=Great Wines


While not always true that old vines produce superior wines, they can help. Older vines will produce less fruit at a higher quality and the vines can easily absorb vintage problems such as too much rain or drought. Certain regions of the world still have small amounts of pre-phylloxera vines that survived the plague in the 19th century. One of these regions is Mt. Etna, a very active volcano just north of Catania in Sicily. Etna has it all; old vines, indigenous varieties, high altitude, rich soils and warm, dry weather. The reds can be supple, earthy and electric due to those rich soils. The whites are singular, ripe yet lithe due to the maritime breeze, so very vibrant and alive. Etna is a special place and one I am constantly drawn to explore. Today I have a collection of new arrivals from Etna that showcase the diversity available from the volcano. Click any item image to read more or explore.
-Morgan Pruitt

Murgo Etna Bianco 2017
A blend of 70% Carricante and 30% Catarratto, steel aged to preserve crispness and a juicy fresh quality. Founded in 1981, the Murgo winery puts out some of the best values found on Etna. The first vintage of this wine was 1990, the vines are all 30+ years of age or older. 12.5% abv
Regular Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $17.99
Case Price: $16.19 per bottle

Murgo Etna Rosso 2016
This blend of 90% Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio and Mantellato is aged in chestnut wood vats for 8 months before bottling. The first vintage was 1982. Red berrries, black pepper and cloves all meld together seemlessly. Incredible value for this insanely crushable red. 13% abv
Regular Price: $17.99
Sale Price: $15.99
Case Price: $14.39 per bottle

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