Murgo is an organic farm in conversion that has been cultivating vines and citrus fruits for generations in strict respect for the environment and a beautiful land that we wish to preserve.

Our respect for the territory and the environmental sensitivity gained over time have led us to adopt, in addition to the Organic Agriculture specification, also our own personal production and marketing protocol; an operational plan that pays great attention to the sustainability of all business processes.

Specifically, we are committed to:

  • reduce any type of pesticide, even if authorized use only animal fertilizers

  • reduce water waste

  • select less polluting means for processing

  • use electricity from renewable sources

  • choose eco-compatible and recyclable packaging

  • reduce the waste of products and food

VIVA - Etichetta Organizzazione | Murgo 1860

In the constant attention we have for the environment and resources, we have made sure that this website and the servers that host it are also powered 100% with electricity from renewable sources.

Green Energy | Cantine Murgo 1860