The Murgo Company was founded in 1860 when Senator Luigi Gravina gave the Scammacca family about 30 hectares of vineyard on Etna where, today, the San Michele Estate stands.

More than a hundred years later, but on the same land, Baron Emanuele Scammacca del Murgo begins the process of converting the estate into the modern Tenuta San Michele farm which represents the heart of our business.

Today on Etna, Sicily and Lazio we produce wine, oil, citrus fruits, vegetables, etc … and we offer tastings, hospitality and cultural events in these family businesses:

Tenuta San Michele
The historic Tenuta San Michele, the heart of the Murgo production, is located 500 m above sea level in an enchanting panoramic setting, dominated by Etna and the Ionian sea. The vineyards cover an area of ​​25 hectares and are mostly dedicated to the production of Etna doc wine.

Gelso Bianco Estate
Tenuta Gelso Bianco extends for more than 70 hectares in the plain west of the nearby city of Catania, the best way to reach it is the SS 192. In this flat land we cultivate 15 hectares of vineyards dedicated to the production of the Murgo Lapilli IGT wine line. .

La Francescana Estate
The Franciscan Estate extends for about 20 hectares in the Lazio hinterland and is located an hour’s drive north of Rome.
The entire land is covered with rows of vines, in particular here we grow Nero Buono, the native vine of the area from which in 2020 we obtained the first vintage of Murgo wines.

Scammacca Palace
Palazzo Scammacca with over two hundred years of history, is located in the heart of the historic center of Catania, a few minutes walk from Piazza Duomo. Modernly renovated in the last few years to create seven apartments and three double rooms, each with its own unique style.