Nero Buono


The Nero Buono grape was planted on the Tenuta della Francescana Estate in 2012. This traditional Lazio vine, originally from the Cori area, has recently been revitalized by courageous producers after being counted among the local cultivars that had disappeared.
In our unique conditions, Nero Buono expresses superior characteristics of this particular volcanic terroir, with extraordinary organoleptic qualities of the variety with a strong personality.

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Made in ITALY

100% Italian Production


This wine comes from a vineyard planted in 2002, in the Franciscan Estate, over a large area of ​​underground tunnels, used for centuries for the extraction of pozzolana. During the battle of Anzio, during the last world war, the caves were located in the center of the front and were used as shelters for civilians and soldiers. The presence of these cavities increases the quality of ripening of the grapes due to the scarce depth of the soil.

2016 – Vinous: 88 Punti / Annata 2010
2016 – Vinous: 88 Punti / Annata 2010
2015 – Gambero Rosso: 2 Bicchieri / Annata 2009
2015 – Ian D’Agata: 88 / Annata 2010
2015 – BIbenda: 3 Grappoli / Annata 2009

Pork shank with balsamic vinegar glaze

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Weight 1.45 kg




Data sheet
Weight 1.45 kg
Qualification Lazio IGT
Vines Nerobuono 100%
Vineyards Tenuta La Francescana, Aprilia (Lazio)
Soil Volcanic origin, of medium texture
Average yields 80 hl/ha
Raising Espalier with spurred cordon pruning, with a planting density of 4,500 plants/ha
Alcoholic degree 13,0-13,5 % Vol.
Fixed acidity 6,0 gr/l
Residual sugars < 1 gr/l
Harvesting Manual in cassettes
Potential 5 years from the harvest

First production

Harvest 2019
Annual production 6.500 bottle 0.75 l
Color Impenetrable ruby ​​red - Deep ruby ​​red
Bouquet Complex aromas of red fruit intertwine with intriguing vegetal notes, of spices with delicate roasting. Complex aromas of red fruit entwine with stimulating herbal notes and warming spices


Warm and enveloping to the taste, it also reveals great complexity and persistence. Warm and enveloping on the palate with great complexity and persistence
Pairsing Pork shank with balsamic vinegar glaze
Bottle formats Classica – 0,75l
Vintage 2019