Moscatella is a very aromatic white Moscato phenotype widespread throughout eastern Sicily. On Etna this grape has always been marginal and mainly used as table grape. In 2006 a small plot of Moscatella was planted in the San Michele estate.

The first production of this wine begins only in 2016. The typical aromas of the grape are elegantly combined with sensations that bring back to the terroir and which are balanced with softness and acidity. The moderate sensation of sweetness makes it suitable for different gastronomic combinations.

Duck foie gras, medium-aged Nebrodi provola


1.45 kg
Qualification Terre Siciliane IGT

Moscatella grape varieties (white Muscat)


Sands of volcanic origin


80m. s.l.m.

Average yields

50-60 hl/ha


Alcohol content 13% -14% Vol.
Fixed acidity 6-6,5 gr/l
Residual sugars < 2 gr/l, 80 – 90 gr/l


Manual with cassettes


50% appassimento su graticci al sole ed il resto sovra maturato sulla pianta


With a small manual press. Very delicate with pneumatic presses


Cooling of the must and decanting in insulated tanks
Fermentation In stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature (14 ° C) for about 20 days
Refinement In oak barrels for 10-12 months, in stainless steel tanks for 7-8 months
Potential > 5 years from the disgorging, 6 years
First production Harvest 2013, Harvest 2016
Annual production 900 – 1500 bottle 0,50 L
Color Deep yellow with slight amber shades
Bouquet Floral, typical of the grape, with delicate hints of raisins
Taste Muscat aromas combine nicely with citrus, apricot and dried grape aromas. In the aftertaste there are sensations of spices and delicate oak notes
Pairings Duck foie gras, medium-aged Nebrodi provola
Vintage 2016, 2017
Moscato Passito IGT | Cantine Murgo 1860